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I use Batt Scooters for all of my machine quilting - I find them helpful for straight stitching with the walking foot and for free motion quilting. They give me the traction that I need to ease those big quilts that my bare hands just can’t manage through the machine. There are two sizes included in the kit. The smaller one, Baby Batt, goes under your right hand where the quilt is scrunched up and you have less room. Place the Batts on your quilt with the pointy sides facing each other, then cover them with your fingers, but leave your thumbs on the quilt fabric. You will be amazed at how easily you can move your quilt with these!
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The Point 2 Point Turner is a true multi-function tool that performs all of those functions extremely well. Two points are available, one at either end of the tool. One is a sharp point that is perfect for tight, limited spaces like collar points. The other point is on the edge of the spatula shaped end. This is ideal for points with a little more access. The unique shape of this point allows you to approach the point from the side, pushing with the grain of the fabric. Pressing out in this manner with the grain helps you avoid stretching or distorting your fabric. The long sweeping edge of the tool is perfect for turning long sweeping seams. For turning seams with a shorter radius the spatula shaped edge is ideally suited. With a flip of your wrist you can switch from one tool and application to the other. Easy and convenient. The flat, smooth arc of the spatula edge is perfect for finger pressing and the acute side of that edge is a natural Hera Maker.